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Videos: Flash videos to demonstrate CalcPay in action

20 secs of Backup  most important (0.2MB).

3.5 mins to enter 3 new Employees (1.4MB).

2.1 mins to enter new Employees with a P45 (1.0MB).

3.3 mins to do a Pay run (1.8MB).

0.4 mins to change tax bands (0.4MB).

6.0 mins to convert from a manual payroll to CalcPay midway through tax year (3.8MB).

6.45 mins to send P14 P35 to the Inland Revenue via the Internet (3.2MB).

1.2 mins to  send  Works Number to the Inland Revenue via the Internet (0.5MB).

4.30 mins to download install and send over employees from CalcPay13 to CalcPay14   (5.3MB).

2.30 mins to bring forward previous years employees  (1.3MB).

30 secs to clear overtime hours   (1.2MB).

1.1 mins to Bank Transfer   (2.1MB).

1.50 mins to Unblock 'On Hold' employees in process pay.   (1.9MB).

4.19 mins to Send in a revised FPS.   (4.7MB).


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