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Frequently Asked Questions

General information on CalcPay.

Moving CalcPay from one machine to anouther.
While you can download a CalcPay from the website then restore from your backup, there is another way which might be preferable.
This method brings over previous years data.
Copy the 'calcpay' folder & below to a USB Memory Stick.
Attach Stick to the new computer & copy the 'calcpay' folder to the new machine.
Assuming moving Pay19.
Using your file manager (shortcut "Win+E") RIGHT click & drag the calcpay19.exe in the pay18_19 folder  to your  desktop, release & choose 'Create Shortcut Here'.

A Days Pay.
There are no hard & fast rules for calculating a days pay for an employee who starts mid way through a pay period.
For a weekly paid employee you could merely divide the normal weeks pay by the number of days worked.
Thus an enployee on 450.00 for a 5 day week would have a days pay of 450/5 = 90.00.
If the employee receives a salary then you could divide the salary by 260 (5 days * 52 weeks) to give the days rate.Thus 25000 yearly salary gives 25000/260 = 96.16. Please note that in a particular year there can be a different number of working days.

The P45 does not print on the HMRC form properly.
On 6th April 09 the P45 form changed its layout, it now includes Gender & Date of Birth.
Each part is now printed on a separate A4 form. You can get them from here
If you are not sending online then you need the  'P45 (laser Sheet)-4 part' otherwise 'P45 (laser Sheet)-3 part' 

Emails not being sent.
I notice that with Avast and Win10 that the emails sent out from CalcPay are getting blocked.
This was not the case when I was using Avast and Win8.1, last week so either Avast has updated their software or Win10 has restricted emails sent out.
The solution is to tell Avast not to scan emails sent out.
Do this by bring up Avast, on the bottom bar click 'Show hidden icons', click on the Avast icon.
Click on the 'Settings' icon, a wheel.
Click on 'Active Protection'.
For 'Mail Shield' click 'Customise'.
Untick the 'Scan outbound mail (SMTP)'
'OK','OK', hit the 'X' to close Avast.