Next years CalcPay, Download, Install and Send over employees

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This Year to Next

This video shows you how to move your employer data to next years version of CalcPay
You need to be on a recent version of CalcPay so please check in 'Utilities/Check for Update' that you have the current version.

To Download, Install and Transfer the employees we go to 'Utilities/Next Year'
This is a wizard which will do the job for us.
While you can get next years version dealt with, you do not want to transfer the employees until you have done and updated the last payrun for the year.
You do not need to have done the P14s and P35 an this point.
You can go into the wizard as often as you want, so you can:
Download and install next years version.
Transfer some companies over say monthly.
Transfer other companies say week 52.
Transfer companies that were paid on the 5th of April so are week 53.

The wizard will determine which folder to put next years version in. This can be changed.
Press Download and Install to begin the process. You will see the progress in the top right box.
It will download the software, you might be asked to OK this with your antivirus / firewall.
Microsoft's User Control Account may ask for permission to make changes on this computer.
You will now see next years version being installed, after a few seconds it will finish the process and will show 'Next Years Version exists, please press Next'
At this point you need to decide whether you are ready to bring over the companies, if so press 'Next'.

You can now choose which companies you want to transfer over. Remember you will want to have done the last payrun.
You can double click them into the middle box. You can arrange the order of them in the middle box or indeed move them back.
In the right hand box you can see the companies that are already transferred to next year.
When you are happy with the companies to be transferred click Next.

The final section tells you what it will do with the data, you just need to press 'Transfer Data to Next Year'
You will some flashing on the screen as it transfers the companies data.
A file may popup showing any warnings, the latest information is at the bottom.

You can now go into next years version of CalcPay.

downloadandsend 16/03/13