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Help Pages for CalcPay

CalcPay is easy to use.
Each link will open in a new window/tab & show a pictorial view of CalcPay in action.

Install CalcPay
A few images of what to expect.

Initial CalcPay Run
Run CalcPay for the first time.

Login to CalcPay
Login to CalcPay.

Employer Information.
Instructions as to what to enter for the Employer

Employee Information
Put a employee into CalcPay.

Do PayRun 
Do a wage run.

Do S.S.P. 
Deal with Statutory Sick Pay.

Do S.M.P. 
Deal with Statutory Maternity Pay.

Although we like to think that CalcPay is very easy to use, we understand that a newbee may well get lost in the initial stages of getting it started. Please feel free to call for free support in getting CalcPay up & running. 01250 874580