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HMRC Payroll Standard

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This is the full CalcPay product.

CalcPay10  for the PAYE year 6th April 2009 to 5th April 2010.

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nb the email address must be genuine in order to go to the download page. Your email address will NOT be disclosed to any third parties.
If you have problems with the script and are not directed to the download site then please click here & we will email you the details.
The download is around 7 Meg, this takes about 110 secs for broadband or 25+ minutes to download on a 56K modem.
The unlicenced CalcPay 's restrictions are;
  It can be used to do 4 periods (weeks,months).
  The year end procedures are restricted.

After you have paid you will be given the registration code to remove all the restrictions.

Have a look at the Pictorial help files for assistance in getting started.